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Sole Socks Industry & Trade Co.Ltd. is a leading Turkish manufacturer and exporter of socks. The range of our product line, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Turkey.

Kids Cotton Tights, Ankle toe socks, Bootie Socks, Anklets, Midcalves, Striped toe socks, Knee Highs, Kid's Socks, Over The Knee,  Kids socks, Longsocks, Toe Socks, Solid toe socks, Children Cotton Tights, cotton pantyhose, Infant Girls Frilly Socks, toe -socks, panty-hose, derby, links, winter socks, jacquard,  invisible, sports socks, leg-warmer, embroidered-accessorized (ribbon, lace, stud, transfer print), trainer socks, half/full terry, dress and casual socks.

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