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       IECis one of the leading sock manufacturer in Istanbul Turkey.
You will get the best price for wholesale socks, because we also manufacture yarn for our socks. We are manufacturer and exporter for men's socks, ladies socks, baby's socks and children's socks.

 our business field is supplying our clients with the socks they need in their bussiness according to the changes in the present consumption profile. The advantages of knowing the sector, that based on the experiences of 40 years, provide us to produce the best quality socks under the perfect customer satisfaction norms.



IEC’s basic aim is to be your wholesale sock & hosiery supplier in accordance with the acceptable prices,short delivery times and quality assurance norms. We have the possibility to supply you with a wide range of style selection of wholesale socks in any terms and conditions that you require. We can help you increase your visibility and profitability on a long term basis with our experience and expertise in hosiery industry.
    We believe that the colors, the designs and the styles of our products are just what you want for the fashionable trade.
We will welcome the opportunity to be of service to you in anyway in near future.

High Quality Socks
(Bamboo, AG Silver, Special Edition
100% Silk, Micro Model)

"IEC" socks fit perfectly on your feet!
Love your feet!

In addition to all kinds of classic socks, we as a sock manufacturer have a very broad style selection in hosiery such as:  Half Socks, Bootie Socks, Anklets, Midcalves, Baby Socks, Striped toe socks, Knee Highs, Over The Knee, Thigh Highs, Kids socks, Longsocks, Toe Socks, Solid toe socks, Kids Cotton Tights, men's socks, cotton pantyhose, Infant Girls Frilly Socks, toe -socks, panty-hose, derby, links, winter socks, jacquard, woman's socks, invisible, sports socks, leg-warmer, embroidered-accessorized (ribbon, lace, stud,transfer print), trainer socks, half/full terry, dress and casual socks.

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In our products of hosiery we are mainly using Cotton/Cotton blend/Nylon/Lycra yarns along with the latest technological yarns such as Coolmax Tactel,Soft Modal, Lambswool, Angora,Wool upon request.

We can produce socks with all colours and according to requests from customers, producing different pattern is possible.

What makes us always quite sure and believe in our top quality is that in addition to socks supplying we also have a yarn manufacturer company. Our yarns are widely used in textile industry, mainly in sock-sector in Turkey. We use our own yarns in our hosiery production which enables us to have the top quality merchandise afterwards.

As İİM we can provide you with the level of service you expect and deserve.
We are very keen indeed to become suppliers to your firm and would appreciate an opportunity to make our services and mercahandise known to you.
In this respect we would highly appreciate if you can supply us the details regarding your requirements which will enable us to send you our offer in a very short time

 "İİM"offers consistently high quality in all our socks,
 whether it's comfort or style which you are looking for -
you can be sure to find it here!

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General Information: Yarns &  Socks.
The ability of a sock to dissipate damaging forces on the surface of the foot rests partly on the fiber composition and more significantly on the construction technique of the manufacturer. It is the lack of understanding of fiber technology that leads most health care professionals to make erroneous recommendations to their patients regarding selection for sporting activities.
Fibers that absorb moisture are termed hydrophilic while fibers repelling moisture are hydrophobic. Cotton fiber retains three times the moisture of acrylic and fourteen times the moisture of CoolMax®. When exposed to ambient air, socks composed of cotton retain moisture ten times longer than acrylic. In descending order of hydrophilic ranking, the following fibers are listed: cotton, wool, acrylic, CoolMax®, polypropylene.
During initial activity, moisture absorption from the feet becomes a desirable feature. In athletic activity, perspiration output on the feet can exceed one pint per foot. A large part of this moisture may actually accumulate in the feet as it is produced elsewhere on the body surface and drips down the legs due to gravity. Nonetheless, this volume of fluid far exceeds the absorptive capacity of any sock product. Therefore, to minimize moisture accumulation on the skin surface, the sock must set up a wicking gradient to the shoe. 

What kind of material socks do you like?
Cotton, acrylic, wool, nylon, rice paper, bamboo grass... a variety of materials have been used in socks depending on the lifestyle. In order for you to enjoy socks for its materials, let's take a look at each material's characteristics
Socks that sew together: the best of natural and synthetic fibers
Natural fibers such as cotton,wool and silk have excellent characteristics such as its natural shine and moisture absorbing and fast drying capabilities. However, it has its shortcomings such as irregularities in quality and crop yields and level of strength. As a result, synthetics were produced to compensate for these shortcomings. Nylon was developed in hopes that it would be similar to silk, acrylic similar to wool, polyester similar to cotton, polyurethane similar to rubber. However, to this day nothing has been developed that has surpassed the strengths of natural fibers.
Natural fibers have their own strength as do synthetic fibers. In the socks we wear today the strengths of the natural and synthetic fibers are well matched and knit together each with a purpose.
How is cotton made?
Cotton which is the most used out of all natural materials, is made from the cotton plant.
There is a variety of cotton depending on the kind and production area.
Depending on the region where it is harvested, the fiber's length and strength differ. There are fibers that are around 1cm and there are others that are 6 cm, and each is used in various ways.
When used for clothing, these fibers are spun into thread to make socks and shirts with a weaving or knitting machine.
Even socks and shirts, there are all kinds such as ones that feel soft and ones that feel stiff.
The more you use thread that is spun from long fiber, the softer the touch, and the more it becomes wrinkle resistant.

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